United Nations Children´s Fund


Kristina May

Greetings delegates, my name is Kristina May Berny and I'll be your president in this committee. I'm 17 years old currently coursing junior year in ULSA. In my free time I like to walk my dog, read and hang out with friends .I have been in four models and I think that being part of MUN is an important and exciting experience where you get to know more about international affairs. I hope that you can evolve and during this process and enjoy yourself in this committee. I believe you will all give your best as this topic of utter importance, a topic revolving around education in emergencies and post-crisis transitions. MUN has had a large effect in my life because it has not only change the way I see the world but also the way I see myself as well, I expect that this model also leaves that same imprint on all of you.

Carlos Sanchez


Olivia Marquez

Hello delegates, my name is Olivia Márquez. I am 16 years and I am the conference officer of UNICEF in ULSACUNMUN 2016. I am pleased to be part of this committee this year. This is my first time being a conference officer; in fact I have only been a delegate once at ULSACUNMUN 2016. Despite my short time participating in MUN I like it very much. I consider a great opportunity for us to discuss about the important events happening in the world in our days. I hope we all cooperate and do our best to do of this ULSACUNMUN the best. I wish all delegates good luck and want to remember to all of you to have fun as well. Your conference officer, Olivia

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