United Nations Human Rights Council


Andre Mandujano

Greetings delegates! My name is André Mandujano and I will have the honor to be your president in this ULSACUNMUN 2017. This will be my third participation in this kind of Model, and since the beginning, I fell in love with the idea of discussing important topics that concern our world and help find solutions which would lead our world in peace and fraternity. I'm a Junior at Universidad La Salle Cancún, and I selected the area of management and business development. In fact, choosing this area helped me a lot for the model, because skills such as leadership and persuading are important for this event. Since I have been once a delegate,I can understand the challenges you may face when gathering information or defending ideologies different than yours; considering this, I find every delegate in this model brave, respectable, and diligent. In order to have a successful event,I strongly recommend every delegation to gain encourage, fight for justice, and be totally inspired to achieve the goal every delegate aspires,receiving an award for best delegate. The topic of ensuring equal rights and opportunities for people who can't louder their voice and face barriers in their development can help you to take out the best of you,and because of this, I encourage you to be well prepared and participate as much as you can. My job as a president is to make you feel comfortable, and for this important reason, my services will sincerely be at your disposal,so as my chair mates. To conclude I would like to thank you for your choice and hope everyone of you have success. Be the change you want to see in the world.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Vania Soriano

Dear delegates, welcome to ULSACUNMUN 2017! My name is Vania Soriano and I will have the honor to be your Moderator in the committee of United Nations Human Rights Council. This is my second MUN, but my first time being a moderator and I am looking forward to share this incredible experience with you. What I like about participating in MUN is that we get to discuss worldwide issues that are truly affecting humanity and as we try to find ways to solve them we become conscious about our current situation. And particularly I found extremely interesting our committee´s topic because inclusion is what is going to allow us to grow as human kind. I am 17 years old and I am currently a junior at Universidad La Salle Cancún. Good luck delegates, and I hope you get to enjoy as much as you can our ULSACUNMUN 2017!

Valeria Lago

Good morning delegates, my name is Valeria Lago, I am 16 years old and I have the honor of being your UNHRC conference officer, my job is to organize a debate as well as roll call and count the votes I hope you enjoy this ULSACUN MUN 2017. This is my first MUN and I am glad, it will be an unforgettable experience. I consider myself an active person and I like all sports in general, especially flag football. I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I do.

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