United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization


Karyme Poot

Welcome delegates. My name is Karyme Poot and it is my pleasure to be your president of UNESCO in this Model United Nations ULSACUNMUN2017. Allow me to introduce myself. Currently, I`m a sophomore at Universidad La Salle Cancun. I would like to study corporate law or business management because they both involve my greatest passions which are debating and economics. In my free time, I like watching Netflix and reading, but I also love hanging out with my friends and spending as much time as I can with my family. This is going to be my third MUN conference and I know how stressful this can be, but I`m sure you will give the best from yourselves so we can achieve our goals. I hope it will be a memorable experience for all of us, where we will be able to have a marvellous debate and gratifying memories. See you soon!

Carlos Franco

Greetings delegates, my name is Carlos Franco Gómez, I'm a junior at Universidad La Salle Cancun and this year I'll be the moderator of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). I've always been someone that cares about the others, must about my friends, I love to hang out with them. I like POP music and also I'm in love with Netflix, because I really love tv shows and movies, if you were asking my favorite tv show is pretty little liars, I'm obsessed! Since I was a freshman I felt in love with MUN, I didn't knew what a Model UN was at that time, I only knew that I was going to cancunmun to discuss a topic I was so into it, I thought that it would be super serious, but our resolution was to paint in pink the elephant horn, that's why you need to know that models can be funny too. As today I've participated in 4 models, this ulsacunmun will be the fifth and I'm super excited to welcome you and to tell you that if you need anything or you have any problems you can count on me.

Melissa Poot

Greetings delegates, my name is Melissa Poot Enriquez I enjoy watching movies and going out in my spare time, also love tv series and hot chocolate. I like MUN because of what it represents and the knowledge that each and everyone who paticipates gets eventhough it requires sacrifice. I will be doing the role call, giving shape to the debate, among other things and I'm very pleased of being the chair as conference officer in the UNESCO committee this year of the ULSACUNMUN.

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