ULSACUNMUN 2017 Secretary General

Farewell Letter

My name is Maurice Leluc, and the past March 18th I had the honor of being your Secretary General.

Putting this event together was a challenge not only for myself, but for my staff as well, we really felt the pressure of building from the ground up an event with 11 years of history, and honestly, I am proud.

I am proud of the new English Coordinator for not giving up on me when I experienced hard times, I am proud of my entire staff for being supportive and understanding in every chapter of the making of this event, I am proud of the schools that came to our event, but most of all, I am proud of all of you delegates who worked to make the best Model UN I could ever ask for; For this and more I want to thank you.

Delegates I appreciated your willingness to meet with the Standards of the Committees. Your ideas and suggestions contributed immensely to the discussion. I am encouraged by the decisions you made and I am confident that good things will come from our joint efforts. The only message I can give is to never give up on what you believe in, never underestimate yourself, never stop being the change you want to see in the world, as a former Secretary General and friend of mine once said "You are the voices of youth", So scream and shout to the world, don't be afraid to get heard by anyone and most of all remember "It's time to Act, time to Change"

I wish you the best of luck, and see you at ULSACUNMUN 2018!