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Model UN involves deep research in order to make good statements. Good research is the foundation of your committee performance. It makes you feel confident talking about complex issues. You sound like you know what you’re talking about, which helps you become a leader in committee.

Team building

This skill is crucial to your success in committee. When you are in unmoderated caucus, meeting people and finding others you can work with, you are essentially building a team. Your team needs to work together to write resolutions and get them passed. Being a leader on your team also helps you become a leader in committee and in the eyes of your chair.


This is the main aspect and the main reason to be a MUN delegate. Delegates join a conference committee to understand past, present, and future problems, to have a meaningful and respectful dialogue, as they act creatively to solve the challenges presented by Mankind and Mother Earth.

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The ULSACUNMUN Experience

Without a doubt MUN changed the way I express myself, it helped me to get to know the environment we live in and to reaffirm my values.

Mayte Alonso Former Secretary General

MUN is all about using the correct words in order to convert yourself as a “hero”. What can be better than that? I could say that my love for this is UN-deniable

Nayibe Fadol Former President